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Do you want to keep your knowledge updated? Do you want to learn about Recruiting, Employer Branding and Human Resources? And it gets better... Do you want to become an ex-pert?

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Learn everything about Recruiting and HR

We bet it has occurred to you: you look for information about Recruiting and Human Resources and you only find blogs or master’s degrees that cost a lot, don’t you? We give you all the training that you need to be the best recruitment professional: a Recruitment Academy where you’ll learn the latest trends about attraction and management of talent… For free!

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Okaaay, we admit it. We were so excited to tell you about this super launch that we did it without having the Academy finished! But don’t worry, we  are working really hard to get all the content done as soon as possible. Meanwhile, please fill in the form so we can know that you are thrilled to learn everything about Recruiting and Human Resources.

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